Welcome to my Website!

My bio will tell you more about me, my background, and my interests. Here is what you can expect:

1. The Blog. I will be writing on a wide variety of topics such as theology, preaching, biblical studies, current events, devotionals, book reviews, and more. My blogs will range from the short and sweet to the long and detailed, with emphasis on the former. On occasion I will tackle an issue or a book review in a multi-part post. I will periodically introduce my readers to the writings of long forgotten theologians and preachers, some of whom, in their heyday, were household names.

2. New resources such as sermons, articles, papers, book reviews, and more will be posted on a regular basis. I will be adding some of my sermons preached over the past 10 years from time to time. Look for links to several blog articles I have written over the past four years as well. Hopefully you will find something of interest.

3. Preaching Schedule. Currently I am the Interim Pastor of Lakeland Baptist Church in Lewisville, TX. Links to my Sunday sermons are provided. I have just begun a new series on 1 John.

I hope you will connect with me on twitter (@DrDavidLAllen) and on facebook.

My contact email is dallen@swbts.edu.

Thanks for stopping by!

David L. Allen