Test your general knowledge in the areas of Bible, theology, history, and pop culture. See how well you do without googling the answers! Answers Saturday!


What year did the popular TV show “Friends” begin?

Where in the Old Testament is the famous passage on the New Covenant?

In Greek grammar, who is the implied agent when a Theological Passive is used?

What famous author always slept facing north, thinking it improved his writing?

In what hand is the statue of Liberty’s torch?

The Southern Baptist Convention was founded in what year?

Who won the PGA Championship in 2018?

Who was the actor in the Darth Vader suit in Star Wars?

What two numbers on the telephone dial do not have letters by them?

In what year did Alexander the Great die?

Who is Li Lo?

Who is J Lo?

What is the significance of the date 1054 A.D.?

Name any one of the three great Big Band Leaders of the 1940’s.

What is Paronomasia?

Who wrote Blue Like Jazz?

Who played Edna Turnblad in the movie Hairspray? (Hint: think Danny Zuko in “Grease”)

What is the Grisebach hypothesis?

Who is Snake Plissken?

What does “Theodicy” mean?

“The Five Ways” is especially associated with what Christian theologian?

What is #1 on the New York Times’ Best Sellers List today?

Which month of the Hebrew calendar is Adar?

How many home runs did Hank Aaron hit?

At the 2018 Grammy Awards, what was the Best Country Album of the year?

Who said: “The truth of the Christian faith…surpasses the capacity of reason, nevertheless that truth that the human reason is naturally endowed to know can not be opposed to the truth of the Christian faith.”?

What was the most popular album in America for 13 of the first 20 weeks of 2014?

Who officiated at the 2014 Grammy’s Same Sex Wedding of 33 couples?

What four New Testament books contain only one chapter?

Who was “The Morning Star” of the Reformation?

Who got married at the “Kimye” wedding in 2014?

What is a Shofar?

Who is considered to be the father of the “New Homiletic”?

Who composed the now famous “Unfinished Symphony?”

What is the most quoted OT verse in the NT?

What is the longest sentence in the Greek New Testament?

Where in the OT was the Davidic Covenant inaugurated?

What was Aristotle’s “Rhetorical Triad”?

Who was the Old Testament King Ahab married to?

Who is the CEO of Apple? Tim Cook

Where in the Old Testament is the Shema?

Name the Minor Prophets in canonical order.

What is the only book in the NT that ends with an adverb?

What is the world’s most expensive perfume?

What is Yom Kippur and where is it first found in the OT?

His nicknames include “The Angelic Doctor” and “The Dumb Ox”?

Who said: “As to who wrote the epistle to the Hebrews, only God knows.”