“Needed: A Return to Old-Time Preaching” – Vance Havner (Part 2)

NOTE: This is Part 2 of an article by Vance Havner which appeared in 1978 and is well worth the read! Watch for Part 3!   The preacher we need is authoritative:  My Lord taught as one “having authority and not as the scribes,” and a lot I hear today sounds like the scribes.  “There was   …Continue Reading

Needed: A Return to Old-Time Preaching — Vance Havner (PART 1)

NOTE: This is Part 1 of an article by Vance Havner which appeared in 1978 and is well worth the read! Watch for Parts 2 & 3! In these wild and weird and wicked times, the work of the preacher is being rethought and revamped and reexamined. He’s being pushed away from the center of   …Continue Reading

My new book on The Extent of the Atonement is available!

My book, The Extent of the Atonement, is available online as an ebook. It can be purchased through LifeWay and B&H Academic Publishing for $29.99 at this link: Here are the endorsements for the book: “David Allen’s The Extent of the Atonement is a tremendous accomplishment. He has given us a treasure trove of   …Continue Reading

American Idol – Part 2

IDOLATRY IN THE OLD TESTAMENT. The people of Israel in the Old Testament constantly had their problems with idolatry. In Exodus, while Moses is on the mountain receiving God’s Ten Commandments, the people grow tired of waiting for Moses to return and they coerce Aaron into making an idol – a golden calf. Nothing could   …Continue Reading

American Idol – Part 1

The television commercial interrupts your favorite show. The announcer has a deal for you that you can’t refuse! His product can slice, dice, and chop better than anything out there on the market. And not only that, “if you will act now, you will receive a second product absolutely free! This brand item is not   …Continue Reading

A Sermon Introduction for Hebrews 1:1-4

What Shakespeare is to playwrights, the Mississippi to rivers, and Westminster to cathedrals, Hebrews 1:1-4 is to all the New Testament. Seventy-two words in the Greek text comprise a single sentence and each word is pregnant with meaning and pulsates with deity. From high atop this theological Mount Everest, we are able to view God’s   …Continue Reading


At age 17, he pastored his first church which grew in two years from 40 to 400. At age 19, he was preaching every Sunday to 5000+ people. By the age of 21, he had preached over 1000 times. When he became pastor of New Park Street Baptist Church in London at age 19, the   …Continue Reading


If we are to love everybody, does that mean we have to like everybody? How do I go about loving people I don’t like, even in the church? I’m just asking the question I know you are asking right now in your mind! It seems to me there is a very clear, practical, distinction between   …Continue Reading


Every Christian should always live in three arenas, 1) what we are, 2) what we shall be, and 3) what we should be. What we are is God’s child (v. 1); what we shall be is conformed to the image of Christ when we get to heaven (v. 2); what we should be on the   …Continue Reading


On March 6, 2016, at First Baptist Church, Irving, TX, I preached on 1 John 2:15-17. This is the famous passage where Christians are exhorted not to love the world. What on earth does John mean? The structure of this text is often missed by expositors. The text has one main point, encoded in the   …Continue Reading