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Answers to Bible, Theology, History, Pop Culture Quiz!

ANSWERS TO FRIDAY’S QUIZ ON THE BIBLE, THEOLOGY, AND POP CULTURE   What year did the popular TV show “Friends” begin? [1994] Where in the Old Testament is the famous passage on the New Covenant? [Jeremiah 31:31-33] In Greek grammar, who is the implied agent when a Theological Passive is used? [God] What famous author always   …Continue Reading

Bible, Theology, History, Culture Exam

Test your general knowledge in the areas of Bible, theology, history, and pop culture. See how well you do without googling the answers! Answers Saturday!   What year did the popular TV show “Friends” begin? Where in the Old Testament is the famous passage on the New Covenant? In Greek grammar, who is the implied   …Continue Reading

Martin Luther King Jr. and the Role of Christian Love in Racial Justice

Two titanic events occurred in May, 1954 that changed America forever. The U.S. Supreme Court issued its epochal decision rejecting the doctrine of separate but equal for whites and blacks in public education. By a 9-0 vote, the court abolished segregation in public schools. In stark contrast to this monumental sea change, the second event   …Continue Reading


Thirty years ago this month I received my Ph.D. diploma in Humanities with a major in Linguistics and a minor in Philosophy from the University of Texas at Arlington. The Humanities department at UTA was typically left-leaning. Though there was the occasional fossil conservative—more of a curious oddity than anything else—most faculty were on the   …Continue Reading

American Idol – Part 2

IDOLATRY IN THE OLD TESTAMENT. The people of Israel in the Old Testament constantly had their problems with idolatry. In Exodus, while Moses is on the mountain receiving God’s Ten Commandments, the people grow tired of waiting for Moses to return and they coerce Aaron into making an idol – a golden calf. Nothing could   …Continue Reading

American Idol – Part 1

The television commercial interrupts your favorite show. The announcer has a deal for you that you can’t refuse! His product can slice, dice, and chop better than anything out there on the market. And not only that, “if you will act now, you will receive a second product absolutely free! This brand item is not   …Continue Reading


Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died Saturday. Political pundits have been having a heyday over it. Not surprising. What is surprising, at least somewhat, is the lugubrious prognostications by many Evangelicals via blog banter and twitter jitters. It would seem the sky is falling. Fears of a liberal, even ultra-liberal appointee by President Obama are   …Continue Reading

The Best of Things in the Worst of Times

Some years ago I read an author (I’ve forgotten whom, though I took some notes) who talked about doing the best of things in the worst of times from 1 Corinthians 16:8-9: “But I will stay in Ephesus until Pentecost, for a wide door for effective work has opened to me, and there are many   …Continue Reading


Here is the link to my article on how to reach the “Selfie” generation at Southwestern Seminary’s blog


How big is your God? How well do you know him? How much are you like him? How ready are you to serve him? Isaiah was a young preacher who lived in the southern kingdom of Judah in the 8th century BC. His remarkable statement in Isaiah 6:1, “In the year that king Uzziah died, I   …Continue Reading