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4 Keys to Prayer in Psalm 5:3

Psalm 5:3 has long been one of my favorite verses on prayer. “In the morning, O Lord, you will hear my voice; in the morning I will order my prayer to you and eagerly watch.” (NASB) “O Lord, in the morning you hear my voice; in the morning I prepare a sacrifice for you and watch.”   …Continue Reading

Button Gwinnett and the Lamb’s Book of Life

If your Georgia family history goes back to pre-1776, you might want to ransack the attic of grandma’s house next time you’re visiting. What are you looking for? Any piece of paper that has the autograph of Button Gwinnett on it. Who was Gwinnett? He was a Georgia founding father and one of three Georgians   …Continue Reading

Don’t Ask the Universe, Ask God!

For all his brilliance, Jim Carrey made a statement in his 2014 commencement address to the graduates of his alma mater, Maharishi University of Management in Fairfield, Iowa, that could have come from the lips of his character “Lloyd” in Dumb and Dumber: Fear is going to be a player in life, but you get   …Continue Reading

Dancing on the Bully’s Grave

Everyone despises a bully. My first real encounter with one occurred early in the 7th grade. In those days, leaving elementary school for junior high school was a rite of passage. In the 6th grade, you were at the top of the food chain. In the 7th grade, you were demoted to the bottom of   …Continue Reading

Holiness: Proceed with Caution!

In the 19th Century, J. C. Ryle, the great preacher and Bishop of Liverpool, preached a sermon on Hebrews 12:14: “Pursue holiness, without which no one shall see the Lord.” This verse suggests a question to us all: are we holy? This is a question that should concern every Christian in the Lord’s army, no   …Continue Reading

Sin’s Cause and Cure

What is our biggest problem? Sin. Sin is what ails us. It brings with it all kinds of symptoms: selfishness, strife, loneliness, and broken relationships. Worst of all, as an act of rebellion, it separates us from the God who made us. Some try to ignore their sin; others deny its very existence. Yet humanity   …Continue Reading

Nailed to a Bed of Pain

Following the British defeat of the Spanish Armada, English warships retaliated in 1596 by raiding the Spanish port of Cadiz. Fifty-three merchant vessels and warships were destroyed at port, and the town demolished. Amidst the booming cannon, the rancid smoke-filled air, and the cries of dying men, the peel of the church bells rang out   …Continue Reading


I love the word “always.” It is one of the most important words in the Bible—“always.” So much Christian theology, promise, and hope radiates from this single word. Paul was fond of using “always” in describing so many aspects of the Christian life. In 1 Corinthians 15:58, he wrote how Christians should be “always abounding   …Continue Reading


A lifetime is made up of so many years, months, weeks, days, hours, and minutes. An hour is 12 segments of 5 minutes. Most people think nothing of a short 5 minutes. The boss says, “Everybody take a five minute break,” or the coach says to his players during practice, “Take 5!” If it were 30   …Continue Reading


Lost! A word with a sharp stab. Lost dog. Lost ship. Lost child. It’s the word Jesus chose to describe our spiritual condition because we are sinners: lost! Separation from God in the starless night of eternity. Lost beyond recovery. Lost—and found. Jesus came seeking the lost—the lost millionaire and lost monarch; the lost prodigal   …Continue Reading