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5 Characteristics of the Ideal Seminary Student

The fall semester begins Thursday at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary where I teach. I am excited about the young men and women who are new students training with us this semester. They come from at least 12 countries around the globe. Having met some of them this week has prompted me to ask the question:   …Continue Reading


Before you read this . . . YouTube an old Dragnet TV episode from the 1950’s or 60’s, cue the opening music, and play it softly in the background. . . . ________ This is the city: Fort Worth, Texas. This is the seminary: Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. A 110 year history. One of the largest   …Continue Reading


I have always been partial to train whistles. My grandparents lived less than half a mile from the railroad tracks in the little sleepy mill town of Lindale, GA. I would hear the train whistle blow day and night. My favorite time to listen was late on a fall night. Everything in the house was quiet and tranquil.   …Continue Reading

My New Year’s Debt – Romans 1:14-16

We are all born debtors. The instant we emerge from the birth canal, we owe someone for 9 months of room and board. Since the national debt is just shy of 22 trillion, that newborn baby’s portion of the national debt is $66, 532. If the newborn were an instant taxpayer, his or her portion   …Continue Reading


Thirty years ago this month I received my Ph.D. diploma in Humanities with a major in Linguistics and a minor in Philosophy from the University of Texas at Arlington. The Humanities department at UTA was typically left-leaning. Though there was the occasional fossil conservative—more of a curious oddity than anything else—most faculty were on the   …Continue Reading


In the antediluvian chapter of humanity’s early twilight, there is no more monotonous record of names and numbers than the fifth chapter of Genesis. It is like a walk in a forest of long-lived, leafless oaks—one biographical epitaph after another—they lived and they died. Humanity had become a decaying wilderness of wickedness: “The whole earth was   …Continue Reading

The Rabbit and the Garden

“The Rabbit and the Garden” (from Mark Nepo, The Book of Awakening, p. 280) In the movie, Phenomenon, John Travolta’s character has done everything he can think of to keep this pesky rabbit out of his garden. He’s even put in fencing that goes three feet underground, and still everything he plants is nibbled through.   …Continue Reading


Nestled in the mountains about a five hour drive north of Manila, Baguio is a city of some 300,000 + people. My I-phone tells me the weather back home in the D/FW metroplex is cloudy and 34 degrees. Here it is sunny and 73 degrees. The Pilipino people are as gracious and hospitable as you   …Continue Reading


I’m looking forward to a new year! In addition to kicking off the new School of Preaching at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary on August 1, I will be working on several writing projects. 1. B&H Publishing is scheduled to release my The Extent of the Atonement: History and Critique in digital form by June 1   …Continue Reading

A Bit of Baseball History

Four cracks of the bat and history was made on June 15, 1947.  It happened in the small mill town of Lindale, Georgia. Lindale was founded in the late 1800’s as a cotton mill town, and the Pepperell Dragons baseball team was the pride of the area. The sun beat down on a hot, lazy   …Continue Reading