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Lost! A word with a sharp stab. Lost dog. Lost ship. Lost child. It’s the word Jesus chose to describe our spiritual condition because we are sinners: lost! Separation from God in the starless night of eternity. Lost beyond recovery. Lost—and found. Jesus came seeking the lost—the lost millionaire and lost monarch; the lost prodigal   …Continue Reading


I have always been partial to train whistles. My grandparents lived less than half a mile from the railroad tracks in the little sleepy mill town of Lindale, GA. I would hear the train whistle blow day and night. My favorite time to listen was late on a fall night. Everything in the house was quiet and tranquil.   …Continue Reading

My New Year’s Debt – Romans 1:14-16

We are all born debtors. The instant we emerge from the birth canal, we owe someone for 9 months of room and board. Since the national debt is just shy of 22 trillion, that newborn baby’s portion of the national debt is $66, 532. If the newborn were an instant taxpayer, his or her portion   …Continue Reading


My article, “Does Regeneration Precede Faith?” has just been released in New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary’s Journal for Baptist Theology and Ministry. The journal is online and the article can be accessed here: Does Regeneration Precede Faith? Here are a few excerpts: Why do most Calvinists believe regeneration precedes faith? There are two reasons. First,   …Continue Reading

“Earnestly Contending for the Faith Once for All Delivered to the Saints” – Jude 3-4

NOTE: These are my notes that I used March 2 at the Expository Preaching Workshop on “Preaching Jude” at Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary. The lecture along with these notes will be posted online within a few weeks at “…I found it necessary to write to you exhorting you to earnestly contend for the faith once   …Continue Reading

Missionary Ordination Sermon for Adoniram Judson and Luther Rice

NOTE: Sermon Preached at the Tabernacle in Salem February 6, 1812, on Occasion of the Ordination of the Rev. Messrs. Samuel Newell, Adoniram Judson, Samuel Nott, , Gordon Hall, and Luther Rice, Missionaries to the Heathen in Asia, Under the Direction of the Board of Commissioners for Foreign Missions (Boston: Samuel T. Armstrong, 1812), which   …Continue Reading

Where Have You Been?

Since childhood, most of us have heard a parent, family member, friend, or boss ask us a four word question when we arrived late on the scene: “Where have you been?” Several years back I read about George Stadsklev, a missionary in the West African country, Ivory Coast. George Stadsklev was working hard to complete   …Continue Reading

My Christmas Debt – Romans 1:14-16

We are all born debtors. The instant we emerge from the birth canal, we owe someone for 9 months of room and board. Since the national debt just passed $18 trillion, as a United States citizen, that newborn baby will enter the world with a portion of that debt at $56,340.40. In one way or   …Continue Reading

“Wanna Play Catch!”

NOTE: My sermon “Wanna Play Catch?” on 1 John 4:7-11 can be viewed here: When my oldest son, Jeremy, was five or six years old, one spring afternoon on my way home from work I stopped by the sporting goods store and bought him his first baseball glove and a youth baseball. When I   …Continue Reading


  Twenty-five years ago the Berlin wall that separated East and West Germany fell! November 9, 1989, was a day that changed German history. Germans are celebrating a peaceful reunification begun twenty-five years earlier. Dr. Heinrich Derksen, President of the Bible Seminary in Bonn, said that 40 years of communist rule in East Germany destroyed   …Continue Reading