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Paige Patterson: . . . the Way Forward?

Having known Paige Patterson for forty-three years as mentor and friend, and serving under his leadership at SWBTS since 2004, first as the Dean of the School of Theology and currently as the founding Dean of the School of Preaching, I am compelled to speak. As a student (1978-1981), later as a trustee (1992-2004 and   …Continue Reading

BREAKING NEWS! Anonymous Christmas Eve Manuscript Discovery Excites Scholars in Search of Authorship

There has been an amazing manuscript discovery this Christmas Eve that has Christmas lovers everywhere puzzled. (Manuscript content published below.) The manuscript was discovered in the attic of an old seminary library. Dating methods indicate recent origin: sometime between 1992 and 2014. Evidence appears to indicate the author is a Southern Baptist, and most likely a president of   …Continue Reading